spruce - the best wood supply the trees from the highest grown areas this majestic spruce tree has to be cut down for the wood pine cone of pizea abies which supplies the best sounding wood
spruce - specialist can recognize its quality on the bark cut down logs offered for sale maple- it's wood is used for scrolls and ribs
maple seeds storage of violin wood plaining the center joint
two split spruce wedges are glued together for a violin top rough pre-cut first shaping of the top
planing the arching of a violin back finning down a violin top with very small plane thining out the top with a scraper
cutting the f-holes fitting the base bar the well fitted base bar is glued in to balance the sound
bending the rips around a hot iron the inside construction form is removed removing the inside form
glueing and clamping the top to the body double blade cutter for purveling the groove fitting the purveling
the scroll is pre cut from a block of maple wood carving the scroll varnishing